Fisher's Hill Cemetery

Historical Significance

Thousands of African Americans who died in Portsmouth throughout the 19th century and until 1960 are buried in Fisher's Hill Cemetery, including I.C. Norcom, Jeffry Wilson, Ida Barbour, and many others whose impact on the community has been memorialized through the use of their names for schools and other public places in Portsmouth. Doctors, lawyers, bank presidents, musicians, post-Civil War city county councilmen, and even the man who operated the first freight ferry between Norfolk and Portsmouth are all buried here.

Physical Description

Fisher's Hill Cemetery adjoins two other all-black cemeteries, Mount Calvary and Mount Olive, all located on a 13-acre parcel.

Geographical and Contact Information

Southern edge of I-264 off Deep Creek Blvd.
Portsmouth, Virginia
Phone: 757-393-0598

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