Nauck Community

Historical Significance

Nauck is an historically African-American community in Arlington County bounded on the northeast by the Army-Navy Country Club and South Glebe Road, on the northwest by South Walter Reed Drive, on the southeast by Shirley Highway (Interstate Route 395), and on the southwest by South Four Mile Run Drive.  Before the Civil War, free blacks owned land in this area. In 1874, John D. Nauck, Jr., a resident of Washington, D.C., bought 46 acres of land in south Arlington and subdivided it. After the construction of the Pentagon and surrounding roads displaced the residents of Freedman’s Village, many relocated to Nauck. Many of the families living in Nauck today have descended from the community’s earliest residents.

Physical Description

Historic and cultural sites in Nauck include several historic churches, the Veterans' Memorial YMCA, community centers, parks, and the Signature Theatre.

Geographical and Contact Information

Bounded by Shirlington Rd, South Four Mile Run Drive and Sir Walter Reed Drive
Arlington, Virginia

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